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Experience, Foresight and the Commitment to Deliver: That’s been the Richland promise since 1993. Headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Dallas and San Antonio, this woman-owned and -managed firm has continually received top honors and accolades from organizations and publications including CREW’s Networking Story of the Year and New Sponsor of the Year, the Houston Business Journal, the Dallas Business Journal and the San Antonio Business Journal, as well as recognition in major media outlets including MSN Money, USAToday.com, Forbes, Smart Money, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, Globe St., Texas Real Estate Business, REDNews, Retail Traffic and Retail Estate Forum Magazine. We are proud to say The Richland Companies is now one of the premier real estate investment companies in the Southwest United States.


Founder and CEO Edna Meyer-Nelson prides herself on her ability to put the right person in the right position, and she has hand-selected an experienced team that offers a full spectrum of commercial real estate expertise. To date, we have purchased, operated and managed over 4 million sq ft of commercial real estate valued in excess of $425 million. However, at Richland, we’re never content to rest on our laurels. The Richland team is continually fine-tuning our skills with seminars and weekly meetings so that our clients always benefit from leading-edge market insights.


Using our unparalleled market knowledge, the Richland team identifies high-potential properties in locations positioned for extreme growth. Our insightful acquisition and disposition strategies ensure a diverse and ever-expanding portfolio of attractive investor offerings that deliver real returns. We have selected five states as prime targets for acquisitions over the next three years: Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas.

The Commitment to Deliver

With specialists in each field of real estate managing every area of our business, we provide a full suite of offerings including investment opportunities, commercial mortgage, leasing services, tenant representation, asset and property management, as well as construction. Integrating these services under the Richland umbrella enables us to be more agile in the marketplace, make quicker decisions and customize terms for our properties.

At The Richland Companies, we approach every investor relationship as a true partnership. Edna and her partner, Suzanne Klein of SKK Oil and Gas Investments, acquire each property as majority co-owners, making sure that each real estate purchase is personal and profitable for themselves and their investors. Richland follows through on each investment by managing and leasing our own properties through the Richland Property Management and Richland Leasing divisions. We manage all Richland properties and a select group of third-party properties that strategically complement our owned and managed properties so we can devote our exclusive attention to maximizing value for our investors.

Our unique focus on tenant success means that we go beyond the usual parameters of real estate investment–we take a personal interest in the prosperity of our tenants because we believe our success begins with theirs. We continually work with our tenants to meet their business needs; this means we’re prepared to help with everything from flexible leasing arrangements to office furnishings. We’re pleased to say this focus on tenant success has enabled us to maintain a 90% occupancy rate across the Richland portfolio.

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