Richland Investments

Richland Investments oversees all facets of the Richland property portfolio. With extensive investment expertise and capabilities, we strive to purchase the best properties available in the marketplace and maximize value at the time of sale.

Our goal is to create real estate investment partnerships to satisfy the most demanding investor. Richland enters each investment as a majority owner, giving our investment partners the utmost confidence in our commitment to delivering optimal pricing, positioning and market strategies for every Richland property.

We ensure the value of the Richland portfolio by managing every property through our own Richland Property Management division, which means we give our undivided attention to making the best decisions for our investors and for us. Additionally, we manage a select group of strategically located third-party properties that complement our portfolio.

Our portfolio includes 37 properties in four states, representing more than 2.5 million sq ft of commercially owned retail, industrial, office-warehouse and office flex space, with assets valued in excess of $250 million.

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Dallas, Texas

14 Wycliff Avenue, Suite 1
Dallas, TX 75219

(214) 521-2060

Houston, Texas | Corporate

550 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 420
Houston, TX 77027

(713) 682-5707

San Antonio, Texas

5411 Bandera Road, Suite 304
San Antonio, TX 78238

(210) 522-1200